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6th Grade: The Parker Inheritance: Project Description

Resources for your historical fiction project.

(Zoë van Dijk/For The Washington Post)

Your Project

Civil Rights Timeline

Following up on our study of current events and The Parker Inheritance, the 6th grade has identified the theme: “Historical events affect the current day.”

Individually you will conduct CAR research on an aspect of civil rights directly or indirectly referenced in Varian Johnson’s novel, The Parker Inheritance. Your research will inform a whole-class timeline project that we will put together using Google Slides.

Project Guidelines

Each student must:
___Take at least 2 pages of notes (total) from at least 2 CAR sources on your topic with bibliographical information

___Write a 2-3 sentence summary of your topic, which will be added in text on your Google Slide on the class timeline

___ Choose (and cite) an appropriate image and include it on your Google Slide on the class timeline

___Write a paragraph connecting your topic to the theme “Historical events affect the current day,” either using examples from

  • 1) The Parker Inheritance, or
  • 2) current events we have discussed in class.

You will read this paragraph as an audio recording that gets added to you Google Slide on the class timeline