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6th Grade: Medieval Fief Project: Project details

Project guidelines and resources for your medieval fief project.

Group Project

Congratulations! You have received a fief from the King for your loyalty. Your group will create a basic map of your fief. Your group task is to show how the features on your map have shaped human activity, such as the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industry. You will express your group’s thinking in a one-page written response, an updated version of the map showing human settlement/land use, and an oral presentation to the class.

Grading Rubric

Group Portion: 10 possible points
Written Response
______ Names physical features of your fief
______ Explains how physical features have shaped human activity (distribution of
population, land use, resources, and industry)
______ Includes the social categories of people living on your fief
______ Pays attention to features of 6th grade writing: sentence structure,
sophistication of language, and COPS and meets length requirement (1 pg.)

_____ Clearly shows and names physical features of your fief, including natural features
(ex. water source, topography) and human-made (ex. manor house, fields for
_____ Drawn neatly (by hand or using iPad) with attention to spelling and capitalization
_____ Includes required map features: title, compass rose, inset map, and key
Oral Presentation
_____ Clear and information-rich presentation of your fief, geographical features and
how they shape human activity, AND the people living there: lords/ladies, knights,
monks/nuns, merchants/craftspeople
______ Each group member has a role in the oral presentation

Individual Portion: 10 possible points
_____ Note Sheet features course packet and at least one other source and is on-time
_____ Journal includes rich factual information and vocabulary about your “person” and
their life on your fief and is on-time
______ Pays attention to features of 6th grade writing: sentence structure,
sophistication of language, and COPS and meets length requirement (1 pg.)
______ Journal includes a Bibliography of at least 2 sources (course packet and 1 other)

Individual Project

In addition to your group project, each group member will choose one character living in your fief, representing one of the following social classes: 

  • Peasants 
  • Lords/Ladies 
  • Knights 
  • Monks/Nuns
  • Merchants/Craftspeople 

Individually, you are responsible for writing a one-page journal, using our course packet and research informed by the Lib Guide, to inform a record of a typical day for your character. Try to put in as many details as you can to make the “voice” of your journal sound authentic, as if it was written by your character during medieval times. Take notes on these details (using our Notes Sheets) and record them to add to the paragraph in your journal later on. Remember also to collect the relevant bibliographical information from your research sources as we discussed during your Roman Research Project. You will need this information for your bibliography when you hand in your final project.