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4th Grade: Research Resources: Home

eBook setup and login information plus guidelines, databases, and information for safe and effective research.

Digital resources

The Town Library has many databases that you can use for free from home or school! Here are some that are particularly useful for 4th Grade.

Library Online

The Town Library's complete list of helpful databases, encyclopedias and sites for research, including all the links below. Refer to Library Online any time you have a question!




Staying Safe and Using S.O.S. Online

Just like in the classroom, it's important to practice S.O.S. with researching on the internet! 

Here are some tips from your teachers and librarians:

  • Ask an adult before you use the internet.
  • Only use research links in this guide or from teachers.
  • Track your research time! Set a timer for 15 minutes to start.
  • Find an adult if you feel scared or stressed by something you see on the internet. Your teachers, caregivers, and parents are here to help!

Get a Public Library Card

No public library card? No problem! If you are in NY State, all three New York City libraries provide options to get a public library card online.

eBook and Print resources

eBooks and Audiobooks




Print books

The Town Library

The Town School Library is studying and working out safe circulation procedures. We’ll let you know when we are ready to circulate books to students.

Classroom Libraries

Your classroom library has many excellent choices. Check with your teachers for safe handling rules.

Public Libraries

NYC public libraries have partially re-opened! Select branches now have grab-and-go services. Check with your neighborhood branch for information.

New York Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library

Queens Public Library

Home Libraries

And don't forget about your home library! Most of us have great books at home that we haven’t read. Take a look!

Responsible Use Policy

Parents and students: remember to share and sign your Responsible Use Policy!

4th Grade RUP

Is it Reliable?

Your teachers and librarians are here to help you find reliable sources! But how do you know if a book or website you found on your own is reliable? Use this handy guide:

How Do You Verify That a Source is Reliable?

  1. You can check and cross-check the information and find it in more than one place.
  2. You can find the copyright and know when it was last updated.
  3. You know who created the site, and preferably, the author's credentials.
  4. Look at the domain. Is it a .org site or a .com site, with ads, for example?
  5. Are you comfortable citing this source in your bibliography?
  6. Does the layout and format present the information in a professional manner?
  7. Is the site easy to navigate and user-friendly? If not, it might not be the best place for gathering information (e.g. The Library of Congress is great, but hard for elementary students to navigate).