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8th Grade: Contemporary Native American Issues: Home

A research guide for your Contemporary Native American Issues poster.
First Nation Warrior by Natasha G/Pixabay

First Nation Warrior by Natasha G/Pixabay

"Whose Land?" photo by jetsonorama

poster by Marlena Myles (Spirit Lake Dakota)

poster by Marlena Myles (Spirit Lake Dakota)

Project Details

We are going to discuss the plight of the many Native Americans who live on reservations TODAY.  Though there will be more than one pair of you working on the same topic, this is NOT a large group topic.  Rather, your research will serve as an opportunity for you and your partner to become experts on a particular topic.


1.     Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing Rock

2.     Poverty/Substance Abuse/Depression on Reservations

3.     Violence against Native American women and children on Reservations

4.     Racism towards Native Americans today (look also at the idea of "Kill the Indian and save the man")

You will be creating a poster on poster board (24”x36” or similar – you must get your OWN poster board) on which you will clearly present your information. Please do not use a tri-fold board or a foam-core board.

  • Use pictures and maps to bring your topic to life.
  • Compile your factual information in easy-to-read lists/bulleted outlines.
  • Are there words that need to be defined? Put the definitions on the poster as well.
  • Use graphs or charts to more fully explain your topic. Title and explain anything you opt to put on your poster to more fully explain your topic.

Your finished poster should be neat, thorough, factually correct, and professional looking. Don’t forget to put your name on the poster too!

Annotated Bibliography: Include a bibliography of each of your sources on the poster.

A minimum of 10 sources is required for your FACTUAL INFORMATION.

In addition to properly citing your sources, you must also, in a minimum of 3 sentences, explain:

  • why you chose the source
  • why the source itself is a legitimate place to find factual information
  • how you used your source (what you learned, etc).

You will also need a SEPARATE bibliography for all of the images you find (this does not have to be annotated).

NB: image sources DO NOT count towards the required 10 sources.