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6th Grade: Islam Journal & Map Project: Home

Resources, maps, and guidelines for your journal and map project.

source: Google Earth

Journal & Map Project Details


You leave your home in Alexandria, Baghdad, or Cordoba for the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Using course materials and the Lib Guide for research, write 3 journal entries describing:

  • your route
  • the landscapes and peoples you see as you travel
  • any incidents that happen along the way
  • the final journal entry should include detailed information about your time in Mecca

You have the option of describing a pilgrimage from long ago or modern day. 

You must write 3 dated journal entries, roughly one page each, and create a map of your personal route. You may hand write (legibly and in pen) or use an iPad or laptop. Because this is a creative project, you may use various fonts and paper, photos or sketches, and you may write in first person (“I” “we”). 

Journal & Map Project Checklist

Checklist (10 points each) 


_______ Include thorough and accurate information from course materials, totaling no fewer than 3-5 sources. Journals must include at least 10 key terms with context and answer all parts of the above prompt. 

_______ Use sophisticated and grammatically correct language. Proofread for spelling and punctuation (especially commas, semicolons, colons, and possessives). Include a works cited page adhering to MLA guidelines posted on the Lib Guide. 


_______ Include a title, compass rose, inset map, and labels for relevant cities and bodies of water. Your map should clearly show your route from Alexandria, Baghdad, or Cordoba to Mecca. 

_______ Maps should be relatively accurate, neatly done, and include no spelling errors. 

_______ / 40 

source: istimages

source: Visicom