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4th Grade: Continents & Geography: Home

Atlases, books, and resources on continents.

Atlases are cool

Is it Reliable?

Your teachers and librarians are here to help you find reliable sources! But how do you know if a book or website you found on your own is reliable? Use this handy guide:

How Do You Verify That a Source is Reliable?

  1. You can check and cross-check the information and find it in more than one place.
  2. You can find the copyright and know when it was last updated.
  3. You know who created the site, and preferably, the author's credentials.
  4. Look at the domain. Is it a .org site or a .com site, with ads, for example?
  5. Are you comfortable citing this source in your bibliography?
  6. Does the layout and format present the information in a professional manner?
  7. Is the site easy to navigate and user-friendly? If not, it might not be the best place for gathering information (e.g. The Library of Congress is great, but hard for elementary students to navigate).

Book resources

Your classroom library has many excellent choices, including some from the Town Library! Check with your teacher for location and suggestions.

Digital resources

The Town Library subscribes to many databases that you can use for free from home or school! Here are two that might be very useful for this study:



Recommended articles from your teachers.

Brain Pop

Contact the library!

Contact the library!